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A bamboo toothbrush from Baaloo ...


The material

Occurrence and extraction

Bamboo covers an area of 37 million hectares worldwide, which is about nine times the area of Switzerland. The toothbrushes are made in the land of bamboo - in China. Bamboo is easy to grow and requires neither fertilizers nor pesticides.


Requirements and environmental impact

The bristles are nylon 6 and therefore not completely degradable. However, they meet high dental hygiene requirements. Because there is no equivalent alternative, we can not do without it. We use BPA-free material.

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... innovative & thoughtfully produced ...


The product


The design plays an important role, because the toothbrush should be pleasant to touch, comfortable in the hand, reach all zones in the pharynx and finally look elegant. Together with our supplier, we have developed the bamboo toothbrush from Baaloo to perfection.



Toothbrushes should be packed germ-free, because eventually they end up in our mouth. We have therefore put our bamboo toothbrushes individually into an absolutely hygienic, aesthetically pleasing case.


... responsible



The requirements for humanitarian production are guaranteed. Baaloo leaves nothing to chance. The production steps from the original plant to the finished toothbrush have been internationally checked and certified.